Invent Book FULL COLOR Edition


Invent: 2 Get Rich: Product Development Blueprint: From Brain to Napkin to Stores Near You!

Dave Streen, a multi-patented tool inventor, takes you through the process of taking your idea from a scribble on a napkin to selling it in stores. Even if you have some idea how to proceed, this book will provide you with a wealth of information and help prevent you from making costly mistakes. Just a single golden nugget from this book could be the difference between an “ok” product launch and making millions.

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5 - 24 $19.99 20%
25 - 99 $17.49 30%
100 - 249 $14.99 40%
250 - 499 $12.50 50%
500 - 9999 $9.99 60%


I just started to read Dave’s book. It is a wealth of information. It goes deep into how to take an invention from idea to market. His story is inspiring.

– Kiran Vedantram – Author of “Cracking the Code to Success”

I have had tons of product ideas over the years but never thought I could actually pursue them. After reading this book, I now have the confidence to go after my dream!

– Robert Trombatore – Incredible Escape Rooms